Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New from the Boys at Schaefer House

Over at the Visionary Museum studio, we have a large new crop of finished mosaics and "planets" from our high school boys in the William Donald Schaefer House (a halfway house-style detention center; MD Dept. of Juvenile Services).
'Rome, by Jerome
 Angel between darkness and light, and cross by Roy.
 Citrus + Fig by Anthony
 MM by Girardo Munoz
 Another from Jerome (tribal)
 Image of home by Tre Quan
 Grouting process for Sabian's 2-D planet, permanent fixture on the AVAM building.
 "Shining Youth, Shining Walls" project title, getting made into a new sign for our studio. Schaefer House collaborative work.
 Follow our Shining Youth Shining Walls :: AVAM Facebook page for ongoing updates + photos of our new permanent panels, and work from the boys.

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