Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Queen Mother Mary

18"x24" oil on canvas. Portrait of my mom and her cat. I started painting this pink years ago, and realized it was silly not to finish it, especially since I just used it as a birthday gift. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paper 21

I found a lot of new but old tiny-piece-of-paper memoirs while rifling through a box yesterday, this one seasonally appropriate. Happy post-Thanksgiving; I've realized I'm thankful for literally everything! This M. Cromwell card is at least from 2009 if not earlier. Neither of us won that contest, but Forrest and I did spend ten hours baking 3 pies and a cake this year with our homemade mixing innovation. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Alexander Peters

A new merch display case for my friend and Annapolis musician Alex Peters. A relief carving of his existing symbol, with several stain coats poured in.  A light distressing all over and a heavy sanding (on parts raised), to darken up that rooster. Where it fell short on stain, I used a little gunpowder to fill in light areas. The current album is exceptional, it was my ipod alarm clock setting for months. Buy a copy here!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Regal Roosts

This is the small [incredible] woodshop I worked with for over a year.  Still taking your custom orders, Regal Roosts is undergoing a slow but steady transition to Arizona. Here is their sparkling new website (via Seven Set Studios).  Specializing in handbuilt, Victorian style, meticulously hand-painted, beautifully distressed, seriously fine crafted birdhouses with ornate, aged copper roofs. These pieces last for years, indoors AND outdoors, (so as to be used properly by birds). Gorgeous garden additions, we also produced extraneous furniture pieces and garden items by request. There's even a shop dog.
Read about the Hursts in the Baltimore Sun, like their fb page, pass this info on to collectors, and remember what spectacular gifts these gems make.
We spent over a year fulfilling high volume orders of several styles for the Frontgate company; find only limited lines through Frontgate right now, but place an order directly through the Hursts, at for endless color and style possibilities.

Cottage Collection (hanging) and the Diamond Lady series, front
Copper, detail
Hand-painted game table
Series of bottoms, and my all time favorite bottom
Everyone's favorite watermelon house
Faux rust
The Palermo, one of the first Frontgate orders
Custom painted and refinished antique garden cart
Hand-painted chest, turned urn

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ground Mural at the AVAM

The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is in the middle of an extended summer to fall ground mural, mostly commemorating the War of 1812 and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner, but told through little known war stories, historical oddities, and cheeky anecdotes. I've been painting since May alongside several others, including mural designer, DC sculptor Lee Wheeler. 
A picture of me starting the USN tattoo segment while my friend Kristin tackles the pub. It's fantastic to work with [fantastic] people and painters.
Originally 500+ feet, this was to wrap around Key Highway and has recently been abbreviated to just the main side of the Museum. The entire piece is "temporary", so see it while you can; projected to last through fall 2014.
Conveniently under the "o say can you see" neons, and some stellar sunflowers.
Little known (and questionably true) war fact: something involving England sending a wheel of impertinent cheese to The White House.
Sometimes you get stuck doing what you start;  a few solo afternoons spent with this bomb laden water, and Uncle Sam above.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UNLOADING- Old painting surplus for sale!

I have a fair amount of older work in need of new homes. I can't keep them on walls, in halls, or in garages any longer. Some are large, some are not. Some are scholastic looking, some are not. Size and description under each one, all pricing negotiable. I would love to part with them! Contact me,, or pass this link on! Thanks a million.
40"x35" Oil on canvas
35"x30" Oil on canvas. Currently rolled, not on wood stretcher. Can be re-stretched, priced for either.

28"X36" Oil on canvas. Still life from cut vegetables and railroad pieces.
25"x25" Oil on canvas, mixed media (ink.. acrylic.. maybe wax?)
30"x24" Acrylic on canvas, mixed media (textures like coffee beans and string).
18"24" Oil on canvas. Copy of Cézanne's La mer à l'Estaque.
18"x24" Ink on Paper. Framed and currently hanging, but may as well be for sale if someone is interested!
72"x48" Oil on canvas. Larger than life size; it's sister piece has a home in SC. Also I should probably note that this is a reference to the Hooper Straight lighthouse in St. Michaels, MD (see below). This previous post may also be helpful.

And finally
80"x35" Oil on wood. This is actually on a standard size interior door. You can use it in your house! Back is done in black and white graniteware pattern.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sketchbook Project

The Maryland Federation of Art celebrated their 50th anniversary by putting together a local chapter of the Sketchbook Project (endeavor of Art House Co-op). 100 sketchbooks were on display this summer at The Art Gallery, University of Maryland College Park, before joining the masses in Brooklyn. Mine was there, filled with little fragments and ink.
(Cover [tiny pear with tiny gold leaves, on gloss white])  
("Are you getting enough? [Vitamin A]")
("coffee fox")
(Page 2: "Pear, identical to a new painting of a pear. Except that one looks like this: [arrow]
And then, I agreed to an adventure with an adventurer and a photographer.")
 ("On our way to Centralia, PA in Tucker's green jeep")
They even gave me this odd little sketchbook tattoo!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hook, Rack, & Holder

I installed my sister's easy gift: the sanded branch with a painted popular aesthetic. Now she can hang her skivvies and earbuds from it. I went with the less dramatic hardware, due to the shells and turquoise hunks wired through the centers, with a few feathers on the end. 
Next was a solution for bracelets. I like a lot of the DIY "movement's" solutions for all things that get tangled and are tiny, and are almost always in a woman's room. This one is pretty obvious. Glued wood (Forrest abandoned our mailbox sign), with knobs on sale from Anthropologie. They can be knobs from the dumpster, it doesn't matter. Let them hang out far if you have a lot of thick bracelets. My cousin Deanna made me the dreamcatcher in 1994, a great artifact. 
Another part of this non-tutorial: The Necklace Frame. There are so many gorgeous frames circulating in the world, but even an ordinarily plain one you can paint or metal leaf. Attach chicken wire or a mesh metal, like window screen. If you don't have chicken wire because it's expensive to buy a bolt when you need only a foot, you can attempt making it (see below).
Side note: I found it much easier to lean than to hang, so I attached a small foam pad to the back upper side.
 And here's an extra Indian print bag in green! I've noticed for some reason this is a popular previous post...