Saturday, January 24, 2015

Paintings on the Billboard

A group of my paintings were flashing on the 52 ft. LED billboard over Baltimore's Penn Station! 
Put together by the Shanklin Media Group, and Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, this is a tremendous way to showcase MD artists. You can look through their featured artist database to see what's coming up next. My personal profile is here.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paper 23

Some little pieces of paper to start the new year. 
Things that make sense, things that are bits and pieces of what we learn as time happens, things that are in my ink notebook.
Always a good idea to ask this question. Especially to people you love (who are very close to you). Like.. in a timely and relevant fashion.
It always helps.
And now I love leeks.
Just say what you think, just pick something, just choose something, have a preference, keep caring about what you care about. And no one can actually know what you're thinking without it coming out of your mouth.
And sometimes at all costs. People can get pretty creative when they really want to.