Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mosaics for the American Visionary Art Museum

Cutting glass, mirrors, fingers, etc. 
I've been working for the Visionary Museum in Baltimore, and artist Mari Gardner for several months building the rest of the mirror and mosaic panels that cover the outside of the AVAM building. 
Progress charts and layout diagrams. Install to begin August (or September) 2014. This faces Covington Street, Key Highway, and Federal Hill Park.
Grouted, polished and completed panels. There are just under 200, 30"x60" Durock cement panels, made beautiful.
Laid out for grouting and stacked for slow-drying.
Process plans.
We also get to work with some of the boys in the Schaefer House of Baltimore (Juvenile Services) ages 14 to 17. We teach them the mosaicing processes, they get to make their own pieces, and they add to our final panels with circles and 3-D pop-out spheres. They do amazing and wild work, see below!
Extra addition: old school overhead projector lenses, sprayed and coated with super-glam car paint.