Friday, February 20, 2015

The Fin

After finishing the mosaic wall at AVAM, we flipped to the North side of the building to complete a 20ft. fin-like pennant facing Key Highway.
Sunset meeting night sky, in conjunction with south side of the building (Day, 2006) and west side of the building (Aurora Borealis 2014).
Night (2013)
30 feet up; transferring glass from strips of industrial contact paper, after building the entirety of this in our studio. 
Glass process

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mosaic Wall Opening and Dedication | Rebecca Hoffberger | Juvenile Services Program

The young men of the Schaefer House (Juvenile Services group home for boys) were a huge contributing factor to the 2000 sq. foot mosaic that was installed and dedicated in October.
Watch the "DJS TV" short video about it here, hear interviews with the guys, and see them working in our studio. See some of their personal work from our program this past year.
Above: Installing the last ceremonial panel.
Artist Mari Gardner, and (below) AVAM founder Rebecca Hoffberger during presentations with the Schaefer House guys, and crew.
Studio crew: (Photos courtesy of Maryann Baker)
A really lovely day for a crowd. Below: poem taken from  museum's annual literature.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aurora Borealis: Wall Complete

The Visionary Museum mosaic wall facing Federal Hill in Baltimore has [long been] completed! Just recently there were some great photos taken.
above photo: Dan Meyers
First day of install.
I'm in the lift with Kyle Miller, and Eddie from Schaefer House!
View of Inner Harbor, and third story panels from the AVAM roof.
The core of the Northern Lights spiral. 30 lb. cement half-sphere painted with electrifying automotive paint .