Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Cape, Boston, and the Mapparium

Last month I took Forrest to Boston for his 30th birthday. One of the most unique and outstanding features was unexpectedly the Mapparium. This is a multi-story, stained glass globe that was built in 1935, and correct politically to the world map at that time. You aren't allowed to take photos; so that's why I'm attaching this link "Mapparium". Not to mention that this whole thing is in the Mary Baker Eddy Library, which taking the time to read the tour signs, I found there to be a more complex rise of a religious movement than expected. The acoustics on the glass bridge of the globe were also surprising; you can hear yourself whisper in surround sound. 
While in Boston, we stopped at the site and love abounding memorial to the Marathon victims. On the 6th, Forrest was king of champagne and lobster. We stayed with the lovely Heather Falardeau, my roommate while in Savannah (and half of Two Girls Making Stuff)! I wish I had a photo of her very accurate studio. We also made it to CAPE COD. Warm enough to swim, smelled good like blankets of seaweed, awesome coffee shops. That last photo is some type of metals studio/renegade apocalypse shelter outside of the Cape. *ALSO* I was working on The Sketchbook Project during this trip-  more posts on that to come.
(instagram by Heather)