Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brooklyn and the #giftfair

Ps I'm not truthfully a hashtagger. New York over the weekend was nothing more than short and sweet. I was able to make it to the NY International Gift Fair- more fun than expected!
Jonathan Adler was the only land I felt comfortable taking any photos in, much thanks to Melissa Cromwell, and JA did look great. I was also able to locate an old favorite company now under the new name of Moksha, Indian goods and handmade wares (from Texas) and old family friends.  Moksha- "Liberation". Also check out Lusty Letters for a change of pace in your greeting card and gift-giving life. A lot of colorful inspiration, all in all. Meanwhile back in Brooklyn there is a new mural up in the courtyard of Soda Bar, courtesy of 'MissBoombox', not to mention the new chalkboard wall over at St. Johns Place...woah! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mural of Insects

Newest mural; A residential bathroom; Cape St. Claire in Maryland. Sixteen butterflies.

The problem is that while the work crew was finishing up, the bathtub broke in half. (When does that ever happen?) Each butterfly is meticulously clear coated to completion, hopefully staying smooth and sound.