Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm a Good Dog

(This took place November 9th at Atomic Books in Baltimore.)  Ken Foster author of I'm A Good Dog, was in town at the book store -which is much more than a book store- for a signing, a speaking session, and an all around event complete with illustration show.  See my piece below. Proceeds went towards B-More Dogs, a Pit Bull advocacy group in town. Also found out about Erin Fitzpatrick, who's pet portrait ability was being auctioned off that night, fitzbomb.com for her more relevant work. I also met Ruby the therapy dog! Not being raised around dogs of any sort, I can finally get on well with them by now.. but I wanted to crawl into this specific dog's face-folds and sleep in a cradle of love.
Medicinals. More cutesy than not.. 12"x12" acrylic and ink on mat board. This is certainly a memory from my real life, only sub cats. 
 Put together by Posi-Party

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Día de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead coincided with my friend Damien's 30th birthday, so that was a party opportunity waiting to happen, especially since earlier in the year he was being a diva of sorts about the whole ThirtyMilestone. We kept a slightly satirical funeral vibe, complete with a coffin that he popped out of after we stood in a large circle reciting hilarious eulogies. What better way to dramatically tell your friends you love them? But the Dia de los Muertos aesthetic can be completely gorgeous and I think from now on I'll be skipping Halloween and sticking with this. Of course they really do it up right in Mexico and other participating cultures; large breads shaped like skulls, and parades...
Backyard lighting
Hurricane Sandy day two. Candles were not just for looks.
Forrest painted this both pretty and practical, and now he has a newly awakened love of painting all things. Looks like I have a new studio partner. 
Another by product of Hurricane Sandy. A rope was strung up indoors for this. It reminds me of 'putting the F-U-N back in funeral'.
 Going to work
Colors we could wear everyday. Totally.