Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On Convenience | Paper 25

("Gas stations, robbing the world of mystery")

On convenience and the problems it presents to us in the end; on convenience and what it robs us of. Following a discussion of how we can never truly be "lost" these days.
From the collection of Original Little Pieces of Paper. 

Context: Picture the gas station for all of your road-traveling needs. From a fancy piece of cheese, to the modern ATM. From water with air, to the exact directions you need when you're lost from point A to B to D and back on track again, recounted to you by the gas station attendant who's using the iMap on their cell phone (since yours is charging in their wall), and not using their local prowess. Everything you need conveniently put there for you.
(This is true story.)
This is a true little piece of paper.

Note* This is also the description of a modern convenience store that also happens to sell petrol, not a dusty, broken-down, picturesque gas station. 
Convenience stores: robbing the world of mystery. 

When we rely only on what is convenient, we may be lead down a path of suffering so great that we don’t realize it is happening.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Even More New Art from the Boys at Schaefer House

More outstanding work from our high school boys in the William Donald Schaefer House (a halfway house-style detention center; MD Dept. of Juvenile Services).
Roy continues to blow us away with his painstaking attention to detail and perseverance. Here is the heart in stages 1, 2, and 3 that he made for his daughter.
Geometric piece by Girardo
2-D planet of organized chaos by Cason
Peace by Roy
Hearts and tributes by Tre Quan
MD by Girardo
Happy birthday, Tabitha Womack (Mom), by Rico
 Follow our Shining Youth Shining Walls :: AVAM Facebook page for ongoing updates + photos of our new permanent panels, and work from the boys. Previous post of boys' work here.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Copper Lion Revisited | Paper 24

("You are the best human I know. Thanks for making me want to be the best human I can be.")

Certainly that must be worth much.
Acrylic and mixed media on wood, 9"x5 1/2".

Shameful to think that if my wallet had gone missing, so may have this little piece of paper. So I made it part of this piece. Shameful to know that it's doubtful I can use it as my resume.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New from the Boys at Schaefer House

Over at the Visionary Museum studio, we have a large new crop of finished mosaics and "planets" from our high school boys in the William Donald Schaefer House (a halfway house-style detention center; MD Dept. of Juvenile Services).
'Rome, by Jerome
 Angel between darkness and light, and cross by Roy.
 Citrus + Fig by Anthony
 MM by Girardo Munoz
 Another from Jerome (tribal)
 Image of home by Tre Quan
 Grouting process for Sabian's 2-D planet, permanent fixture on the AVAM building.
 "Shining Youth, Shining Walls" project title, getting made into a new sign for our studio. Schaefer House collaborative work.
 Follow our Shining Youth Shining Walls :: AVAM Facebook page for ongoing updates + photos of our new permanent panels, and work from the boys.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tiny Fruits

Marker, watercolor, and ink on paper.
Origination: If I have a moment to put marker to paper, it's usually fruit that comes out. Just for fun. The simplest stupid indulgence.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Wood Signs for Woodland Nephews

One of my very favorite friends is going to be Aunt Mel for the second time (this May), and I did a carve+stain+sand on this tree truck cross-section for her to take all the way back to her nephew's nursery, in Sandpoint, ID. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Visionary Museum Part 4, The Roof

Hello Baltimore! We are now on the roof. The fourth and final phase of the mosaic project and the 20 year anniversary of the American Visionary Art Museum entails the crowning and covering of the small rooftop surface (upper skylight shaft) visible from across the Inner Harbor, and most visible from Federal Hill Park.
Like always, this is a proper mix of manual labor construction, and fine art. In November we spaced and hung the steel struts and installed 90 cement board panels, then de-installed to take back to our studio for design and mosaicing. Late spring/early summer look for us up in the lift piecing together the final glitz and glam. PS even when icy cold, the view is worth it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Copper Lion

Acrylic, metallics, ink, plastics on wood. 9" x 5 1/2"
Personified: to live as though we expect the lion to live, unaffected by much, could be a great gift. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Fin

After finishing the mosaic wall at AVAM, we flipped to the North side of the building to complete a 20ft. fin-like pennant facing Key Highway.
Sunset meeting night sky, in conjunction with south side of the building (Day, 2006) and west side of the building (Aurora Borealis 2014).
Night (2013)
30 feet up; transferring glass from strips of industrial contact paper, after building the entirety of this in our studio. 
Glass process

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mosaic Wall Opening and Dedication | Rebecca Hoffberger | Juvenile Services Program

The young men of the Schaefer House (Juvenile Services group home for boys) were a huge contributing factor to the 2000 sq. foot mosaic that was installed and dedicated in October.
Watch the "DJS TV" short video about it here, hear interviews with the guys, and see them working in our studio. See some of their personal work from our program this past year.
Above: Installing the last ceremonial panel.
Artist Mari Gardner, and (below) AVAM founder Rebecca Hoffberger during presentations with the Schaefer House guys, and crew.
Studio crew: (Photos courtesy of Maryann Baker)
A really lovely day for a crowd. Below: poem taken from  museum's annual literature.