Monday, October 15, 2012

Refinished Guitars: Part 2

Refinished gunpowder-ed and pink bass guitar. Non-functional but visually indulgent. A battle of the modern sea vs. prehistoric land and air. Personalized for none other than Rohry Flood, the bass playing Canadian wannabe. Complete with commemorative 30 year old Canadian penny, hematite, and a dangerous bullet! Varnished, shiny, and secure for life. (Guitars: part one, is still a collection of photos in limbo and doesn't exist.)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rainbow Sprinkles: 1

I had a session with photographer Tucker Joenz, Forrest, and an ice cream sprinkle-encrusted-beard the other night. The amazing Himalayan cat whose name I can't spell at the moment wasn't actually part of the plan, BUT he had an amazing new shave job and it IS cat week on Ellen, of course... Follow Tucker on twitter! (See below.) Photo finals coming soon on little bright red mats.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Specific magazine archives: 1

Life Magazine, August 1997.
While Burning Man was blowing my mind as a 12 year old, reading about it for the very first time in my grandfather's Life Magazine I couldn't imagine what he made of the whole thing.  I was enthralled, even reverent, but I wonder if he even saw the article or knew what they were talking about.. the same guy that told my 12 year old mother that the color purple was only for hippies and the pope.  Love.
Here is the saved original from my very small and oddly specific "saved article collection".
Still going strong this day in age, here's a more recent write up. 
They're so serious. Like… almost thought it was a dramatic parody serious. Those projects sound good though, right?
-"There is no default world."    (Or rather maybe there is, but there certainly doesn't have to be.)