Monday, February 24, 2014

Painting Repair

Two 36"x42", oil on wood panel portraits recently sold (very happy to say goodbye)! I couldn't send them off without fixing the warped curvature that made them unable to hang or lay flat. In the past, I attached an extra wire to two screws in the offending corners and twisted tight, which eventually was useless. New simple steps: corner brackets, and a 50" screen door turnbuckle. 
Corner brackets in place. This one needed a third hole drilled into center to accamodate the length of the turnbuckle. S hook used to connect.
This worked well for a 42" painting; different sizes are available, or you may have to cut the flat end of the rod with metal clippers where it makes sense. The size/length of the S hook (or other clip) will also make a difference. I think these are 25mm. Tighten in center until the panel is laying flat.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Pieces

I have a tiny show hanging at The Metropolitan, 169 West St. in Annapolis, until the end of February alongside of Laura Gallagher. All pieces below are new! 
Falling Apart Looks Really Good
Acrylic on canvas
The Real Kind
Acrylic on canvas
All of It
Acrylic on wood
Swatch tags
Stephanie & Laura